Senior Full Stack Engineer


We are seeking passionate Senior Full Stack Engineers to join our team.

The ideal candidate should have an open mind, be curious, and a technology-oriented person who has strong hands-on experience with building small and large products. They should be keen to learn new technologies and methods and always be pushing the limits of what is possible. They should be capable of flying solo but more importantly, they must be a strong team player. We appreciate individuals, but we value the power of teamwork. We love brainstorming together and exploring to find better and efficient solutions to problems all around the world.

With an international customer base, you and your skills may be in demand as much in the U.S. as at home in Finland. As a result, you will have the flexibility to work within an international setup or be more domestic-oriented as you wish.

If You Are...

seeking a new journey in the world of tech with a solid team of highly skilled individuals, if you want to have a tangible impact on the projects you undertake, and the recognition you deserve for your efforts, if you want to expand your knowledge through practical exploration and learn from your peers in a collaborative environment, good! Because...

We are...

a dynamic group of collaborative thinkers, builders, makers, imagineers, and most importantly, human beings. We seek out the challenges we feel can make a difference and change the future of tech. We're constantly learning and evolving our knowledge through the curious exploration of the possibilities that technology unlocks. Here is the important question...

We Offer...

  • A journey to learn from the best and to share your knowledge with others
  • Various types of projects, both international and domestic, large and small
  • An opportunity to sharpen your technology stack and experiment with new technologies
  • A people-oriented culture, where nobody is left alone

We Also Love...

  • 3-5+ years of backend/frontend experience

  • Understanding of web with React.js, AngularJS, etc.
  • Experience with Node.js, Rust, Typescript, Python, etc.
  • Familiarity with AWS, we do also GCP and/or Azure
  • Knowledge of working with databases SQL/NoSQL