Rethinking a product from an engineering focus to a user-experience driven solution


Linkity approached Finlabs to help evolve its workforce management solutions. Linkity had a solid production foundation including tools that automate payroll management, resourcing, invoicing, and delivering up-to-date financial information, however, their user experience was lacking.

An engineering-driven focus on product presentation and experience resulted in a less than optimal delivery of benefits to users. The initial platform had been developed using material design elements and components, and it was simply adapted to fit feature needs resulting in a subpar user experience. Our goal was to analyze the user’s tangible experience and make improvements from a visual and information delivery perspective. With the product already in place, it was critical to minimize the impact on the system's back-end implementation. There were other key areas of the platform that were being negatively received. We also looked at the overall UX of these areas to propose flow updates and changes to improve usability and adoption.


Project Highlights

  • Comprehensive user experience audit to isolate areas of concern and improvement.

  • Fully customizable to give agencies the power to define their own experience.

  • Constant collaboration with client side leadership and technology team.
  • Improved UX with minimal impact on existing technology implementation.


Our Approach

We worked directly with the stakeholders at Linkity, and their development team, to fully understand the system needs, as well as understand the current construction.

Once a solid comprehension and collaboration foundation were formed, we quickly understood the flexibilities and constraints we were working within, and from there could propose varied levels of refinement based on the desire and need for improvement.

Style Definition

The existing build had a wide mixture of fonts and weights and had been built from predefined components that were placed together as needed without a deeper look at how these components visually play off each other. We started by defining some simple typography and presentation rules. This simplified the UI and adding more space and allowed the UI to breathe and make it more scannable to the user.



Reworked Hierarchy

Existing content had been layered with an additional mixture of informational content and actionable insights spread throughout the visual layout. We proposed to rework the hierarchy of the content to focus the user on immediate insights and actionable content over general information.

Customizable Presentation

With the new design structure and styles, we also isolated areas of the application to provide Linkity customers the ability to define the experience as their own. It was important that these customizations would not cause any negative impact on the presentation integrity or the experience. The ability to change and/or add colors, logos, and imagery allows any customer to make their portal uniquely their own.